Modest fashion: 'I feel confident and comfortable'

Modest fashion: 'I feel confident and comfortable'

Floor-length dresses, wide-leg trousers and oversized jumpers.

That's not our Christmas wish list - we're talking about modest fashion.

If you haven't heard of the term it's all about covering up in a way that is still on trend. Dressing modestly but fashionably is already popular with young Muslim women but it's not exclusive to people of any one religion or belief.

Asha Mohamud, 21, is a modest blogger and model with over 27,000 followers on Instagram. She tells Radio 1 Newsbeat: "Modest fashion is becoming more inclusive."

"I feel like women are now dressing not to be sexy for men - but to feel sexy for themselves."

"Maybe that's no longer a push-up bra - instead it's a two piece suit". 

Fashion blogger Jodie Marriott-Baker says social media and changing attitudes are why people are enjoying covering up in the name of fashion.

"It's no longer seen as ‎a trend that older people wear," she tells Newsbeat.

"Fashion influencers on Instagram have made it look more wearable and accessible for ‎everyone."


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