Winter is Coming!

Winter is the season I wait for all summer long, and when its winter, I keep thinking of how much I’m going to miss it once summer gets here. It’s a never ending cycle.

Not 100% sure about the statistics, but I’m certain that the majority of people prefer winter fashion. The colors are more vivid and richer in tone. The layering you do to keep yourself warm, makes you look chic. The heavier fabrics look more polished with their texture and feel. So who’s to judge? 

This piece is all about tweed. It’s the core fabric for one of the most important fashion houses, the one and only Chanel. Tweed is weaved from natural dried wool, hence why each weave looks different and unique. 

Not only does it’s rugged appearance make it look pretty, tweed is highly durable too. As we’ve established so far, tweed is made from wool, and wool is the natural fibre sourced mostly from sheep. So just like what it does for the sheep, it will for you. It will keep you warm, it will repel water off you, and its breathable! 
When it comes to designing a tweed abaya, the options are limitless honestly. You could go for a jacket style, or one with pockets and soft lapels. The styling of it is so versatile and easy. If you’re going for a casual look go for a basic white tee, sneakers and a cute shoulder bag. If you’re feeling fancy go for a plain inner dress, a pair of heels, and a clutch. 

Here are some inspiration pictures for abayas you might want to design for yourself: 
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