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Do you ship worldwide?

Of course we do!

What sizes do you have?

Every Abaya is tailor-made in the perfect size for YOU. Our experts will ask for your exact measurement to make sure your order fits you perfectly.

What are your price range?

Each Abaya price is different depending on the fabric you choose and the design details. Our Abaya Experts are here to help you get the Abaya that fits your budget and your style!

What fabrics do you have?

We have a variety of fabrics including Crepe, Nida, Harir, Silk and more in various colors. Also, you can special order any specific fabric and we will make sure to find it for you.

Do you work with businesses for bulk orders?

Yes we do! Email us on info@theabayalab.com to know more information!

What if I want alterations after I receive my order?

Made by TAL

Abayas created by TAL in the past, but now it's your turn to customize it to your liking!